360 + 360 3D imaging, 8K ultra-high definition

Capture stills and videos in stunning 8K.
Go deep with 360 3D.

Download samples

All photos and videos can be viewed with Insta360 Player or Gear VR.

If a blue or black screen appears after opening an image, or a video cannot be played smoothly, it's likely the device in use doesn't meet the minimum specifications to view this content.

Optical flow image stitching: seamless, dynamic, precise.

Traditional template-based stitching
Optical flow stitching

Purpose-built real-time image stitching and preview.

Grab a headset and dive into the scene as you capture.
Live-stream in immersive 3D 360 as the story unfolds.

60% bandwidth reduction for smooth, efficient live-streaming.

Using cube map projection and H.264 compression, creators can cut bandwidth needs by 60%.

4K x 2K4K x 4K 3D


Stay steady with advanced real-time image stabilization.

Without stabilization
With Insta360 Pro stabilization

Capture stunning slow-mo with 120fps high-speed shooting mode.

Lasting power

5000 mAh removable battery.
Shoot and charge simultaneously.


Connect to the Pro
via cable or Wi-Fi.


Store footage on SD card
or USB 3.0 High-Speed driver.

Audio capture

Record with four built-in microphones
or an external microphone.

Insta360 Pro Control Software


Created to create.

Designed from the ground up with creators in mind, the Insta360 Pro’s compact, spherical frame is custom-milled from aluminum alloy and surrounded with six 200° lenses.
A detachable base and easy-to-grip contours make it a versatile on-set companion.

Price and availability

The price of Insta360 Pro is $3499 and is now available on Insta360 Store.